Sunday, April 28, 2013

Preschool Graduation Day

I can hardly believe it but my little monkey is graduating from preschool in just a few short weeks.  We just got her official "cap and gown" photo and it is so darn cute.  I love it!

We have been brainstorming how to make this event extra special for her and her friends, and my mom told me about a cute autograph book she had seen in a store for $10.  The problem was, though, how was she going to get all of her friends to sign it?  I was going to have to ask her teacher if we could spend a few minutes passing it around, and that wasn't fair to the other kids who didn't have one.

So, we started thinking how cute it would be if they could have a preschool signing party, kind of like we used to have in high school when the yearbooks came out.  For the preschoolers, they could write their names and maybe draw a picture for each other.  Something that in 20 years I am sure each of them would love to look back and remember their "first" day of school or their "first" field trip.

I came up with a little design that I think is just right for this special event.  There's a little questionnaire in the front cover where each of the kids can answer about what their school year meant to them and a spot in the back to put a class photo.  We put 20 pages on the inside for plenty of space to right and draw little notes to each other.  I asked the preschool director if I supplied the books, if it would be okay to have a time where they all got to sign each other's books.  She was excited about the idea, so we put some together.

They turned out so cute, that I have to share them with everyone else.  If you want a set for your child's class, then click on the picture.  I think these would be perfect for Kindergarten too, and even Early Elementary.  Take a look.

I can't wait to pass them out!